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Favorite Games

Name Link to Show
Deadlands Classic S1-1
Shard S1-1
Vampire: the Requiem S1-1
Castles & Crusades S1-2
GURPS 4th Edition S1-2
Hunter: The Vigil S1-2
Dogs in the Vineyard S1-3
InSpectres S1-3
Og: Unearthed Edition S1-3
7th Sea S1-4
Qin: The Warring States S1-4
Scion S1-4
All Flesh Must Be Eaten S1-5
Dresden Files RPG S1-5
Classic Spycraft S1-5
d20 S1-6
Iron Kingdoms S1-6
Wraith: The Oblivion S1-6
Silver Age Sentinels S1-7
Tough Justice S1-7
Trail of Cthulhu S1-7
In Nomine S1-8
Promised Sands S1-8
World of Darkness S1-8
Bogeyman S1-9
GURPS Technomancer S1-9
Terra Primate S1-9
Mutant City Blues S1-10
Remnants S1-10
Sorcery & Super Science! S1-10
Ashen Stars S1-11
Cthulhutech S1-11
Part-Time Gods S1-11
Edge S1-12
Necropolis 2350 S1-12
Savage Worlds S1-12
Demon: The Fallen S1-13
Spycraft S1-13
Bookhounds of London S1-15
Wild Talents 2nd Edition S1-15
Wu Xing S1-15
Geist: The Sin Eaters S1-16
Legend of Drizzt S1-16
Sundered Skies S1-16
Dark*Matter S1-17
Shard S1-17
Totems of the Dead S1-17
Kingdoms of Legend: Knights of France S1-18
Low Life S1-18
World of Darkness: Chicago S1-18
Gary Gygax’s Extraordinary Book of Names S1-19
Heroes of the Feywild S1-19
Way of the Yakuza S1-19
GURPS Bunnies & Burrows S1-20
My Life with Master S1-20
Spycraft S1-20
7th Sea Villains Kit S2-1
World of Darkness: Antagonists S2-1
Weird Adventures S2-1
Promethean: The Created S2-2
The Shab-al-Hiri Roach S2-2
Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition S2-2
Carcosa S2-3
GURPS Mecha S2-3
Legendary Realms – Player’s Handbook S2-3
Dresden Files RPG S2-4
Marvel Hero Basic Roleplaying Game S2-4
The Secrets of Tactical Archetypes II S2-4
Lost Days of Memories and Madness S2-5
Mage: The Awakening S2-5
Tales of Blades and Heroes S2-5
Hael S2-6
Macabre Tales S2-6
The Lost City of Barakus S2-6
Children of Wyrms S2-7
Enter The Shadowside S2-7
God King S2-7
Eldritch Skies S2-8
Ultimate Maze Decks: Crypts S2-8
Broncosaurus Rex S2-9
Nyambe: African Adventures S2-9
Planets of Peril: The Sword & Planet Role Playing Game S2-9
Secrets of Forgotten Magic Items S2-9
Dead Reign S2-10
MudEaters S2-10
World of Darkness: Reliquary S2-10
Bad Attitudes S2-11
Into the Unknown S2-11
The Dark Woods S2-11
Green World S2-12
Hell on Earth Reloaded S2-12
The Esoterrorists S2-12
Azamar the RPG S2-13
Ironclaw: Squaring the Circle S2-13
The Paranormal Sourcebook S2-13
All For One: Savage Worlds Core Rules S2-14
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta S2-14
Welcome to Mortiston, USA S2-14
Shadows of Esteren S2-15
Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple S2-16
Dragon Age S2-16
New Gods of Mankind S2-16
High Space Beta S2-17
Lords of Olympus S2-17
Pandemic S2-17
High School of the Damned S2-18
Nights Black Agents S2-18
The Resurrectionists Collection S2-18
Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. – Savage Worlds Edition S2-19
Blue Planet S2-19
ImagiNation S2-19
Nightmares of Mine S2-20
Ordo Dracul S2-20
The Danse Macabre S2-20
Arcanis S2-21
(Low Life) The Whole Hole – A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith – Volume 01: Keister Island S2-21
Champions Complete S2-21

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