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Accio Webhost

No… I am the one who is supposed to stand in the middle, I am making it go.

Nicky please pass the mayo…. well how else are we supposed to grease the tubes? 

JOE! don’t touch that! The DNS gnomes get very angry if you get that out of alignment… 

Well how do I know if we were supped to have 1 sacrifice or two? Just put that old switch on the pike of computer hardware sacrifices…. the internets love the taste of linksys .

Ok… here we go, Nicky those sticks you are holding are very important, they let out new masters know that the proper amount of gold has been deposited in their vault. Joe your candles signify that we would like to partake of the unlimited bandwidth of our new blue masters…

 It has begun….

We are in the process of moving the website to a new host. Mostly you should notice no real changes or ill effects. But if you do please email us at 2gms1mic at to let us know what has gone wrong.


R. Dragon


Hear us, O iTunes users!

Yes, I used a vocative…If any of you out there download the show via iTunes, would you please take a moment to write a review?  The reviews really help the show find new listeners, and we’d like to spread the joy!


We are now on Stitcher!

You can hear 2 Gms 1 Mic on Stitcher! Stitcher is a really cool streaming podcast service for mobile devices.  Click the pic to get to Stitcher!


“Stitcher allows you to listen to your favorite shows directly from your iPhone, Android Phone, BlackBerry or Palm phones

On-demand and on the go!

Don’t have Stitcher? Download it for free today at or in the app stores. Stitcher SmartRadio- The Smarter Way to listen to radio”


RSS Magic

I have been slaving away performing the correct rituals to appease the internet gods, and the fearsome master that is iTunes. They have accepted my sacrifice of not drinking beer this day in exchange for all of the episodes to appear on their most holy software.

Thanks to everyone that let us know that they were angry!

R. Dragon