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Episode 6: Joe and Kevin’s Favorite Games pt. 1

In this Episode, Kevin and Joe discuss their favorite systems and games. While we concentrate on mechanics, you’ll leanr a litte about Shard, Dresden Files, Deadlands, etc.

What’s your favorite system and why? Answer via email, or start a thread on Facebook. You could tweet us, too!

Episode 5-6

Favorite Games of the Week

Horde of the Dragon Queen
Midgard Campaign Setting
The Devil John Moulton

Currently Playing

We switched the Pathfinder game to Fate Core. It’s awesome.



Joe has a Column: feel free to read it.

Blades in the Dark is so cool.

So is Gaxmoor, which is also over.

The Super Villain Handbook is neato!

Music Section

“Roll the Dice, Make my Day [Stick Jones Remix]” (Stick Jones)
“Cube” (Nucleus)
“Wrong Place Wrong Time” (Figurative Theatre)
“Smokey” (Glass Boy)

Games Mentioned

Castles & Crusades
Sorcery & Super Science!
ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition
Deadlands Classic
Hell on Earth Classic
Lost Colony
Dungeons & Dragons
Children of the Sun
The Shadow of Yesterday
Dogs in the Vineyard
Fightin’ Fungi
Song of Blades and Heroes
7th Sea

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