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Episode 2: Don’t be a Dick

Do you guys think our Kickstarter idea is good? Or is it cheesy and dumb? Sorry for the lack of music under the credits. We’re trying to track down the instrumental file…

Any cool stories about people being bad players? Or perhaps extra advice about being a good player?

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Episode 5-2

Favorite Games of the Week

Monsters of Sin Collection
King for a Day

Kevin’s Pick of the Episode: Shadows of Esteren
Joe’s Pick of the Week: Castles & Crusades

Currently Playing

Played a bunch of board games lately. Hex Hex XL, Deluxe Pit, Plague and Pestilence, Buffalo

For you all in TV Land…Nicky is still running Savage Worlds! We got to play after recording and it was fun.


Who is the Anonymous Backer?


World of Darkness Dark Eras Prestige Edition

The Stygian Garden of Abelia Prem



Dice Dojo is a neato store in Chicago! If you live in the city, or nearby, go there! Tell them Joe and/or Chris sent you.

Shout out to Wandering Dragon! Our FLGS.

Music Section

“Roll the Dice, Make my Day [Stick Jones Remix]” (Stick Jones)
“Infernal Convolution” (Telegraph)
“Delete_Me” (Epsilon Not)
“Soft Machine” (Organoid)

Games Mentioned

Cursed Chateau
Expedition to the Barrier Peaks <---Was Actually Written by Gary Gygax, Kevin was Correct Against the Giants
Queen of the Spiders
Book of Familiars
Dresden Files RPG
Shadows of Esteren
Castles & Crusades
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Savage Worlds
GURPS 4th Edition
HarnMaster Third Edition
Fate Core
Broncosaurus Rex

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