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Episode 4: Leave Your Shit at the Door

Deep apologies for the audio. Joe really fucked up the recording. It was all his fault, and we had no time to re-record the show. We’re sorry.

Otherwise, this episode is all about how to make sure you stay focused on why we play.

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Episode 4-4

Favorite Games of the Week

Shadows of Eldolan
Book of Cairn
You Must Be Mad!

Currently Playing

Dresden Files RPG, but we talk about some of the board and minis games we’ve been playing recently.


It’s Savage September!


Joe screwed up the Power Legion MASK profile. K stands for Knockout.
Brian Jacques’ Books!

Music Section

“Roll the Dice, Make my Day [Stick Jones Remix]” (Stick Jones)
“Itchy Balls” (Toxic Lipstick)
“Sword of Damocles” (The United Sons of Toil)
“Kill the Cool” (The Spits)

Games Mentioned

Savage Worlds
Power Legion
CAPITAL CITY: Building Expansion 1
Dresden Files RPG
Dungeons & Dragons
13th Age
Castles & Crusades
Iron Gods: Fires of Creation
All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out
Song of Blades and Heroes

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