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Episode 14: Making a Memorable PC

In this epsiode, Nicky and Joe discuss the qualities of maiing a memorable PC, as well as reminiscing about past PCs that they found memorable.

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Episode 3-14

Favorite Games of the Week

Cosmic Patrol
Shadowrun 5th Edition
Gaming in the ‘Verse: Firefly Gen Con 2013 Exclusive

Currently Playing

We are playing Castles & Crusades, and it is awesome!

Music Section

“Roll the Dice, Make my Day [Stick Jones Remix]” (Stick Jones)
“Need & Necessity” (Whip)
“Lub Island” (Harry Caine)
“Turtle Haze” (Fitzroy)
“Firefly Main Theme” (Greg Edmonson)

Games Mentioned

Castles & Crusades
Savage Worlds
Star Wars
7th Sea
Dresden Files RPG
Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition
Vampire: the Requiem
Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
Serenity RPG
The Shadow of Yesterday

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