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Archive for July, 2013


Episode 11: Excited about Gen Con!

We are very excited to attendGen Con again this year! In preperation, we discuss some of the stuff we’re excited about seeing. If you go, we hope you’ll have a beer with us.

What are your Gen Con plans? Let us know through email, the forums, , like us on Facebook, or even Twitter!

Episode 3-11

Favorite Games of the Week

Train Ride into Darkness
Nights of the Crusades
Unseapakable (for InSpectres)

Currently Playing

Both Shard and Dresden continue to go well, but we probably won’t be doing Dresden much longer. I wonder what we’ll play?

Joe also got to play Munchkin Quest



Episode 10: Mo’ Feedback

We had some interesting questions in the email queue, and so decided to answer them. We have a large multi-part question from Saul, as well as a simpler one from lvl20DM. We also answered a few questions from a Facebook thread we posted a while back.

Don’t hesitate to email us, or post on the Forums, like us or post on Facebook, or tweet Nicky on Twitter!

Episode 3-10

Favorite Games of the Week

Eternal Contenders
Halls of the Mountain King
Dead Age

Currently Playing

We are currently playing an excellent Shard Game! We also took a break from Dresden Files RPG to play Legend of Drizzt.


You should check out Shaintar: Legends Unleashed

We are really excited about Gen Con!

The Magazine Nicky and Joe talk about which has an article called “Expertise on the Fly” is Crusader Journal No. 8

Shoutout to Josh!