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Archive for May, 2013


Episode 7: Learning New Systems

Learning new systems can be daunting. Nicky and Joe have all sorts of tricks and tips on how to learn systems quickly and succinctly.

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Episode 3-7

Favorite Games of the Week

Better Angels
The Savage World of Solomon Kane

Currently Playing

All of our games are wrapping up! Vampire is done, 7th Sea is done. So now it looks like our next games are Trail of Cthulhu and Dreseden Files!


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Episode 6: Mad Props

In this episode Nicky and Joe are joined by Kurbis, who has ocasionally shown up in the past. He is a prop master who uses props for all of his games, going to extraodrinary lengths to do so sometimes.

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Episode 3-6

Favorite Games of the Week

Folklore: A Rules-Light Roleplaying Game
Codex Celtarum