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Archive for March, 2013


Episode Two: Group Dynamics

This week we talk about how to let a problem player go…and how difficult that can be. We’d love to hear how you have dealt with it in the past! Let us know about it through email, on the Forums, on Facebook, and on Twitter!

Episode 3-2

Favorite Games of the Week

Colonial Gothic
Home of the Brave
Vampires of the Olden Lands

Currently Playing

Vampire: the Requiem is awesome, and we’re going to be playing 7th Sea!


Dragon Vacation Pics contest is still open, until the next episode.



Episode One: Bringing the Awesome

We’re back! It was a great break for the 2 GMs, 1 Mic crew. We are now fully refreshed and ready to bring you consistent content!

On this show, we’re discussing how and where to find inspiration. We give you a lot of examples from our experiences on where to find inspiration.

Tell us all about your places if inspiration via email, Forums, Facebook, Twitter.

Episode 3-1