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Archive for November, 2012


An Unfortunate Delay

Hi everyone. We regret to inform you that we couldn’t get an episode out this week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the US. We had some gremlins sabotage us and then ran out of time to record. We will release the last two episodes of the season soon.

Sorry folks.


Episode 20: Campaign Design

In this episode, Nicky and Joe give you some insight into how they go about designing a campiagn. We touched on this previously (in Episode 2-15), but decided a slightly more in depth version here. We tried pretty hard not to give one another spoilers, because we’re in each others’ games, but that didn’t effect the advice.

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Episode 2-20

Favorite Games of the Week

The Danse Macabre
Night Horrors: The Wicked Dead
Ordo Dracul

Currently Playing

We are playing Vampire: the Requiem for our Monthly game, and Dresden Files RPG for our weekly game! Yay! Excitement!


Motobushido! Check it out!

Hillfolk got funded, yay to Robin Laws!

Music Section

“Roll the Dice, Make my Day [Stick Jones Remix]” (Stick Jones)
“Black Bird” (Dwellers)
“One of These Days” (Willis Proctor & the Georgia Sea Island Singers)
“Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues” (Tim Lake)

Games Mentioned

Dresden Files RPG
Nights Black Agents
GURPS 4th Edition
GURPS Banestorm: Abydos
Vampire: the Requiem
Changeling: The Lost
Ashen Stars
Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition
Hunter: The Vigil