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Episode Seventeen: Burnout

This episode is about how to avoid Burnout. Sometimes, especially when you’ve been playing the same game for a while, you just aren’t having fun anymore while you game. Nicky and Joe offer a lot of advice on how to keep up some excitement in a game. It mostly boils down to good communication within a group, the more comfortable everyone is with telling the group that they are just not having fun, the easier it is to address the problem early.

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Episode 2-17

Favorite Games of the Week

Lords of Olympus
High Space Beta

Currently Playing

We have just started playing Shadows of Esteren . So far, the game goes well! We’ve made characters and are ready to begin our adventures in a dark, gothic medieval world.


Joe messed up saying that the Lords of Olympus PDF isn’t bookmarked: it is indeed very thoroughly bookmarked.

T-Shirts are available, pictures soon!

Joe is still posting his novel, Dead Home Chicago.


Drew! This episode could not have happened without you.

Emily from On The Lamb Games makes Brushfire, and she helped my brother resolve an issue he had after ordering a bunch of minis from them.

Music Section

“Roll the Dice, Make my Day [Stick Jones Remix]” (Stick Jones)
“Lost In Time” (Jesus On Extasy)
“The Distance Between Two Points” (Bill Evans)
“Yellow Dragon” (Charles Scott)

Games Mentioned

Sorcery & Super Science!
Shadows of Esteren
Dresden Files RPG
GURPS 4th Edition
Deadlands Classic
Dungeons & Dragons
The World’s Greatest Screen
Racial Holy War
Human Occupied Landfill
Arkham Horror
Forbidden Island
Castles & Crusades
Dungeon Crawl Classics
Savage Worlds

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  • Hi. Thanks for the mention of Lords of Olympus. Just a clarification, the PDF is bookmarked. Thanks again.

    Brett Bernstein

    October 2, 2012

  • I will fix that, you’re right, it is indeed bookmarked. It’s not hyper linked, though. I think that’s what I meant to say, I will fix it in the show notes.


    October 3, 2012

  • Thanks. We don’t do hyperlinking these days as Acrobat can be very finicky with them.

    Brett Bernstein

    October 4, 2012

  • I understand, I suppose. It’s really convenient when reading on a tablet. It’s even better when you’re running a game with the tablet at the table.


    October 4, 2012

  • Group conflict can exacerbate game burnout and vice-versa.
    FATAL honestly creeps me the hell out. When i was a reporter I knew a man later convicted of sex crimes, and what little I have read in the actual FATAL book (as compared to comments on it) reminds me of that dude.

    Robert Sullivan

    October 9, 2012