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Episode 15: Session Building

This is the long awaited show illustrating Nicky and I’s process in creating a first session for an adventuring party. There are as many ways of creating an adventure as there are GMs, and this is just the two of us riffing off one another. We wander a bit into campaign creation as well, although we try to stick to a good first adventure.

Thank you so much everyone who sent us characters! You’re all our BFFs!

If we picked your character for the episode, why don’t you let us know if we did them justice on our Forums, Facebook page, or tweet us!

Of course, there’s always email if you wish to be more circumspect.

Episode 2-15

Favorite Game of the Week

Shadows of Esteren
Shadows of Esteren
Shadows of Esteren

Currently Playing

Nothing, because of summer disruption. However, we are going to be playing Shadows of Esteren, since we’re so excited about it.


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Thank you so much everyone who sent us characters! You’re all our BFFs! I just had to say it twice.

One of Joe’s favorite books ever is Sterling Lanier’s Hiero’s Journey.

Music Section

“Roll the Dice, Make my Day [Stick Jones Remix]” (Stick Jones)
“Viva La Juventud” (The Pinker Tones)
“Cool Cool Drink” (Maxwell Johnson)

Games Mentioned

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition
Iron Kingdoms
Dresden Files RPG
Hunter: The Vigil
Children of the Sun
Das Schwarze Auge

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  • Greetings fellow GMs!! I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s podcast! Especially the new game that is getting alot of buzz Shadows of Esteren. Fellow gamers who are particularly fond of history; whether it be real or fantasy; should be excited for an RPG of this caliber to come out on our side of the pond so to speak! It also reminded me of another French based table-top game called “Confrontation” made by a company called Rackham.

    I had the priviledge to riffle through the pages of their RPG Core Manual at the Gen Con that just so happend to also be Gary Gygax’s last **sniffle**, and even though it was all in french, the artwork was stunning and I never wanted to be able to read French in all my life to justify dropping the $60 for it. But nevertheless, I stayed my hand and am now eager to get my hands on SoE!!
    The sanity mechanic of the game sounds very similar to the same sanity table that is used in Call of Cthulhu games and to be set in a fantasy timeline will make it all the more foreboding for the Also one last note the deer you mentioned they ride in one of the kingdoms is also similar to the one the main character rides in the anime “Princess Mononoke”, which has me wondering what other cool flicks the game creators might have on their shelves.
    Until next time..good day and good gaming!!

    Herald of Cthulhu

    September 5, 2012