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Joe Reviews Missing Magic: Potions

Every once in a while, there is a little, low-cost gem thrown out into the RPG PDF sphere: and the Missing Magic series by Asparagus Jumpsuit is full of them. Potions is a great little book that does exactly what it claims to do.

Missing Magic: Potions claims to be a detailed look at 34 common potions for Pathfinder, and it delivers. The potions are common spells distilled into liquid form, and each has its appearance, taste and smell described. Some sound really nasty while some sound appetizing, but they all sound fairly realistic. What I mean to say is that they all sound like actual concoctions of some kind, and while the taste and smell is not always in agreement, one could easily use those clues…and make up their own based on them.

Each potion is a pretty useful spell in its own right, and It is really cool to see them done up with taste and smell. When a GM is running a dungeon crawl, these descriptions are a good way to give a PC something to see or smell before detect magic is cast. In fact, if you are consistent in your GMing, you could get players to recognize certain potions by those attributes!

The potions may not be as palatable as a fine wine, but they certainly sound like something someone might (or might not!) try to drink. If I were to learn that my player undid the stopper of something and smelled “beer and seawater,” I’d be hesitant for my PC to use it right away. Describing the tastes and smells is a really good idea, and makes the book well worth the $3.

I heartily recommend Missing Magic: Potions, and for the price you can hardly go wrong!

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