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Episode Eight: Feedback!

In this episode, we decided to get back to a bunch of you all who wrote in. This is is a selection of the questions we recieved in the month of May. You all sent some really good questions, and I think they engendered quite a good discussion between the two of us!

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Season Two, Episode Eight

Favorite Games of the Week

Eldritch Skies
Ultimate Maze Decks: Crypts

Currently Playing

Remnants wrapped up right after we recorded, but don’t worry, we’ll be discussing it much more in two weeks!


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Eloy Lasanta, keep on making awesome games! Listeners, make sure you check out Third Eye Games.

Wil, yet another shoutout!

Superfan Joe!

Benjamin! Thanks for all the links!

Thomas! Awesome!


Jay! Step up and play a new game, you can convince the other two to play something else.

Ed and Snake!

Hariy Tarantula is the coolest named game store in Toronto.

Music Section

“Roll the Dice, Make my Day [Stick Jones Remix]” (Stick Jones)
“Amphix Feat. Krishan Tanna” (Deep Memories)
“Don’t Be Afraid” (Eddie The Gun)
“GO IN featuring LE1F” (M?RRI$)

Games Mentioned

Wu Xing
Part-Time Gods
Hunter: The Vigil
Dresden Files RPG
Savage Worlds
Vampire: the Requiem
Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition
Castles & Crusades
D&D Next
7th Sea
Book of Vile Darkness
World of Darkness
The Danse Macabre
Dogs in the Vineyard
Ashen Stars
Blue Planet
Sorcery & Super Science!

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